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The Christmas/Holiday season is in full swing! We have so many exciting things going on, including and especially some major progress on Daisylane! More on her progress and possible debut in the next few weeks, we are so excited to share.

Part of gearing up for the holiday season is preparing for a charitable event that I’ve been participating in for the past several years called We Care. It’s organized by Geiger and Herman Miller, two amazing companies that manufacture high-end, quality office furnishings and case goods.

The event involves several Interior Design firms and usually one group of Interior Design student from Orange Coast College. I’ve participated on the Design Firm side in my past life and now head up organizing and brining the students over from OCC to be part of this event.

We will serve about 100 children and are happy to be a part of their holiday preparations. They will spend the day ‘crafting’ and creating. Each station they visit will offer them the opportunity to create an item that they can take home as a gift for someone in their family.

This year, we are going to be making these adorable wood snowmen (snow-people). They can choose their fabrics for the hat and scarf, colorful buttons to embellish the front and draw their own face to add personality. There will be 10 students and me also on hand to help out with the faces if needed.

The Craft Shack

I got together with some good friends last weekend to try out this adorable craft and we each created a cluster of snow-people to represent our families. They are so cute! And of course, we had an absolutely fun day together. And really, if I can quote a line from the hokey-pokey “That’s what it’s all about!”

The Craft Shack | Snow people

The Craft Shack | Snow people


The Craft Shack | Snow people

They are easy to make, but require some preparation. Thankfully my husband will be cutting the wood for us. We are going to use 2×3’s for the We Care event. The wood needs to be sanded and I have a few student volunteers to help with that effort. Painting is next with more student help. The final prep step for us will be using hot-glue to secure the hats. When we arrive at the event, the children will select a pre-painted block with their favorite hat fabric and be ready to finish it up.

Do you have any plans this year to help out others in your community? We’d love to hear from you.

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