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This one time at Virt Camp….

It’s hard to believe that 7 years have passed since I stood on the hill at Pepperdine’s amazing campus to receive my MA in Ed Tech.

Today I found myself back here for the very first time along with some fellow cadre mates and others who went through the program. We’re all here to reconnect, to re-charge and to cheer on Cadre 15 as they begin their journey.

A lot has changed. It’s ‘Cadre Camp’ now, not Virt Camp and I probably don’t need to explain how technology has changed over the past 7 years.  I’m grateful to have been part of such a special group of people and for all that I learned in the process. I’m even more grateful that I’m still on a learning journey and I get to share it with my students as they work through it too.

This evening we worked on a Professional Portrait which answered several questions about who we are and what we do and what motivates and guides us. I found this activity timely as I’m in the process of updating my website to reflect my most authentic self. In the 30 minute time frame this is what I cam up with.:


It reflects a plan that I made for life and what happens when I am true to myself  which is endless opportunities for learning and living!

Tomorrow is another day and I have the privilege to present a project that my students were involved in and one that truly does embrace the process…of learning,…of design….of life!

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