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The Summer I Wrote a Song

It’s no secret that I love music and while I’m only marginally talented at a few instruments, it’s a passion of mine. I feel it. It speaks to me. I can tell time (in years and decades) with it. I know lyrics to about any song (pre-21st century) but I don’t know my license plate ID on my own car.

I’ve been writing for decades too. Bits of lyrics, poems, journals, etc. but they never left the pages they were written on. And, yes, I write mostly with a pen on paper, much like I draw and plan things before I digitally organize and present them.

A few weeks ago, I had an amazing weekend away with one of my dearest friends. We became friends when I decided that I wanted to take guitar lessons. I walked into a local music store to sign up for lessons. The young man that was working at the store was flipping through the binder of schedules, teachers, etc. It felt like he was looking for a LONG time. He finally landed on Tiana’s page and called her. She took my info and offered me lessons at her home since she had recently moved her teaching from the studio.  How did this guy know we would turn into BFF’s?

Intimidated at first because she was a professional musician and so talented, I had a few months of lessons, we had a lot of fun, we had vacations and grew our families and fast forward several years, we had this weekend. I told her that I started writing a song and I was brave enough to share it with her. (and now all of you) Our Saturday night became an impromptu songwriting session. She had me really dig into feelings, work through lyrics and put words together to make this beautiful song “Brave”.

It’s about life, relationships and not giving up! It’s about being brave enough to face the bad moments and remember that you are on a journey together, that life is a journey. It’s about being your true self and letting your feelings be known, not caring if others judge you. I love it!

It would NEVER have come to life without Tiana’s music, deep digging, writing and beautiful voice and I am adding “Songwriter” to my list of the many things I am. Have a listen.


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