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Day 4 prompt is TEACHER

I’ve had some AMAZING teachers in my life. I had to think a lot about how I would address this prompt in terms of gratitude. I will do my best to note some of my most influential teachers and how I am grateful to them.

To my undergrad English Comp teacher “Kitty”: I am grateful that you were the first Professor that I had actual conversations with and showed me that teachers were in fact ‘human’.

To my freshman Algebra teacher – I am grateful that you gave me a C.

To LS: I am grateful that you helped me get back on track after a not so great semester in a studio class. I am grateful that my skills at detailing improved with your direction.

To SC: You continue to inspire me and push my boundaries further than I would have ever dreamed to do myself. I am so grateful to know you, to still be learning from you and for all that you have offered me in opportunities from college and beyond.

To PS: The best cadre-padre I could have hoped for. My grad school experience was epic on many levels. Your patience, consistency, knowledge and advice are something I will reflect on for years to come.

To DK: A teacher and a friend. I am grateful for and admire your passion for learning, your philosophies and your priorities. I look forward to learning from you and with you and exploring new tool (digital and physical)

To my many mentors that were not formal ‘teachers’ – I am grateful that you were and are part of my life. Thank you for your time, patience and knowledge.

The best part of this prompt is that I am a teacher. My road to this career was not exactly direct, but I feel I was led to this position by a series of ‘signs’ and I’m exactly where I need to be. As thankful as I am for the teachers that influenced me, I’m equally thankful for the students that I am honored to be with each day, each week, each semester. There are some talented folks that will soon be entering the world of Interior Design and I will watch them go and be proud.


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