Love is All You Need

Valentine’s Day. I love it most when it’s thoughtful and hand made. Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers and chocolates too! or finding just the right gift like this one below for my husband: At my daughter’s pre-school, the children all make a pretty bag to receive valentine cards from their friends. Candy is… Read More Love is All You Need


We Care

The Christmas/Holiday season is in full swing! We have so many exciting things going on, including and especially some major progress on Daisylane! More on her progress and possible debut in the next few weeks, we are so excited to share. Part of gearing up for the holiday season is preparing for a charitable event… Read More We Care

Crafts!, Party

Pillow Party!

What a fun party! We certainly can’t take all the credit for this one, but were happy to be a part of it. My beautiful god-daughter turned 10 this year, wow! She had a few wishes for how her birthday party should be and they included make your own pillows, rustic wood block crafts and… Read More Pillow Party!