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Succulents and the fair…

My love of plants began a little too late. When I was young, my grandparents were award winning plant growers: Bromeliads, orchids, etc. They would win ribbons at the fairs and I absolutely loathed going to the fair to look at plants. Well, times have changed…Fast forward 25 years, I love going to the fair, even by myself to look at the amazing plants, crafts, etc. Here are a few of the treasures that I found at the OC Fair and mid-state fair this past summer:

My favorite of the jewelry art was this found beach glass…would give the artist credit if I remembered their name – very beautiful! OC Fair 2011

Mid-State Fair 2011

Mid-State Fair 2011

As my love for plants, drought tolerant landscape solutions and outdoor living spaces evolves, I fondly think back to my childhood and wish I could have learned more. All that said, I have the present and the future. I am working mostly with succulents right now…basically because I’ve always loved them and they are the only type of plant that won’t die no matter how much I neglect them. They also seem to be super trendy right now.

My latest project is inspired by my students from Spring 2011. They wanted to incorporate a living garden into a project that they had the opportunity to work on. I had seen a feature in Sunset Magazines May 2010 issue and fell in love! Built from recycled palettes, succulent clippings from my own plants and $150 worth of purchased plants, these boxes are looking truly beautiful. They are intended to find their future home in an Orange County furniture showroom, but if they don’t, I have my own plans for them to live in my backyard. Either way they are naturally gorgeous!

My Backyard 2011