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Spring in the Suburban Garden

Those precious moments when I can calm my mind and just enjoy the present are my most favorite. In day to day life, sometimes this is challenging. Yesterday, we went out to the garden to check the progress of some of the veggies that my husband and daughter planted. And who doesn’t garden in a tutu?

Beautiful kale, broccoli and cauliflower!


And those tomatoes have taken over! Most of them are the tiny ones that end up just being eaten straight off of the vine, like candy.


Since I was taking photos, Georgia joined in with her little pink camera. It’s so fun to see the photos that she takes from her perspective and point of view. We got her this camera for Christmas when she was almost 3. (super deal, black Friday, pretty inexpensive $20ish) and she LOVES to take photos. She’s figured out the ipod and iphone cameras too, so we get a kick over what comes across the photo stream from the cloud.


So back to our little suburban garden… I’ve been seeing lots of photos from friends growing all kinds of fruits and veggies in their yards, on the patio and in containers. Have you planted anything lately? How’s it growing?

10 thoughts on “Spring in the Suburban Garden

  1. Having your daughter mixed up in gardening is so great!!! I hope my son likes gardening as much as I do.. However, where do you live?? It’s still cold here in MS, which is crazy, so we haven’t planted anything from fear it would die of cold.

    1. I love it! I’m just glad my husband keeps it up. We’re in SoCal so we never get too much weather. I love that my daughter eats right from our garden too.

  2. Oh those photos are beautiful! I wanted to try to grow cauliflower, but I have to till some more space so I can fit it all. It would be so nice to eat right from the garden!

    1. Thanks Heather! Yeah, cauliflower is a big plant and it seems like it’s only going to yield one nights dinner…thats okay, I’ll take it.

  3. I love the layout of your blog with such gorgeous pics. You almost make me want to plant a veggie garden, almost:) but for now my mom planted daffodils with my son and I need to replant my succulents but keep them in the house bc of the weather here. But I will put it on my to do list. Thx for the inspiration!!

    1. Thank you! I love taking pics – you know…Maybe you guys could grow some strawberries in a planter – gives you a sweet reward.

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