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Todays prompt focus on Skill Talent, specifically “what you’re good at”.

I’m good at many things and with that said, I realize that I still have a lot to learn in this life and I look forward to it. It’s so much easier to focus on the things that you want to improve rather than give yourself credit for your existing strengths. Is that just me? Here are my top three “things I’m good at”.

1. Problem Solving: Whether a complicated building code issue or how to entertain a group of 4 year olds, I usually have a solution. I tend to look at ‘problems’ as challenges and this is probably why I love what I do. Teaching, Designing, Crafting and even being a Mom ┬áhas their share of challenges that require keen problem solving skills.

2. Technology: I don’t really know if this qualifies as a skill, but I absolutely love technology in many facets. Learning and applying new software programs for Design projects and teaching to my students, operating 3 blogs and a handful of social media sites for myself and others, keeping in touch and connecting with friends, classmates and influencers are among the ways I’m able to use technology and share with others.

3. Art/Crafts/DIY: I love to make things! I love it even more when I get to make things with friends. I have enough skill at sewing, painting, drawing, etc. to bring to a project and I might have enough supplies and tools stockpiled to qualify as obsessed. Good thing we have created The Craft Shack to share all this goodness with others.

I’ll leave you with the ‘talent’ that I wish I had: I really want to be good at playing the guitar. I really wish it was a natural skill. Since it’s not, if I really want it, I have to work at it.


What are you good at or wish you were better at?



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