A little bit of Everything

Return to Reality

I used to dream of being a writer but I really need to re-think that since my opportunity is here and I have not taken advantage of it! That’s okay though, I’ve been busy. The fall semester begins on August 31 and it’s going to be a really great one. I’ve been ‘off’ work for a semester which was wonderful because I’ve spent the time with our baby daughter who was born in February.

What a great year I’ve had and how very lucky I feel to be returning to the academic world. The economy is tough out there right now and there are a lot of folks out of work. It will pick up again, all of us in the design profession have been on this wave before. It’s not fun. Try to stay positive, remember your passion and be true to it.

For me this has been the year to take care of our own projects and help out friends and family with theirs. Our ‘project’ is still not done and there are a few loose ends to tie up out there for the others. Hopefully, we’ll get our room addition done this year!

Here’s looking forward to a smooth transition into the fall semester and classes full of motivated students ~ because that is what keeps me going.