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Pinterest Challenge Summer 2012

I am a new fan of younghouselove and have been stalking their blog and Facebook lately. They are inspiring, have a great sense of humor and a cute little girl so I relate on many levels! Since I’m also an avid Pinner, I thought I’d get something accomplished for the Pinterest Challenge. We were out and about most of the weekend, so today was the only opportunity for crafting and I needed to use what I had on hand. My inspiration was these glass tile pendants and it’s on my list since SugarBee links us right to the Etsy store where I can order all the supplies. I think this might be a fun Christmas gift this year and I can customize them for people and add some crystals because sparkly is better.

I had some flat opaque glass, some glue and lots of scrapbook paper so I’ve interpreted this idea in a different way. My 3 year old has learned to spell her name (because I made a song out of it) and is recognizing most of her letters, so I thought it would be fun to make these into magnets for the art wall in her room. A trip to IKEA to get the magnet board is in our near future!

Flat bottom, opaque glass beads (about $2.49 at Michaels for a 12oz bag)
Scrapbook paper
#11 exacto knife
This alphabet paper was really fun! I cut the pieces out slightly larger than the stone and applied the glue to the stone and set into place on top of the letter.

After each one dried, I carefully cut around the edge with an exacto knife and will glue magnet pieces to the back. Easy and cute! You could make name, holidays or any fun inspirational words that you might want on your refrigerator. I personally don’t like magnets on my fridge, so these will go in her room on her own magnet board. She’s old enough now that I trust her not to eat them.

Her art wall is coming along and is very Pinterest inspired! We’ve got melted crayon art, footprint butterflies, a dog paw print, a toilet paper roll rocket, painted water bottle and a flannel board that deserves it’s own post. A work in progress….

Thanks to Kate, Sherry, Katie & Michelle for the challenge – looking forward to seeing what everyone came up with!

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