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Pillow Party!

What a fun party! We certainly can’t take all the credit for this one, but were happy to be a part of it. My beautiful god-daughter turned 10 this year, wow! She had a few wishes for how her birthday party should be and they included make your own pillows, rustic wood block crafts and the color purple!



Her Mom is one of the most creative souls that I know and put together an amazing assortment of fabric and embellishments for the pillows. I was the ‘sewer’ on this one and had lots of fun discussing design options with the girls. Each girl drew their own pattern, cut their fabrics and choose their embellishments. We showed them how to pin the patterns, glue and sew the embellishments and pin the fabric for sewing.


Even the two token 4 year olds participated and designed their own pillows!


After the pillows were sewn together, the girls turned them right side out and stuffed them. We closed up the seam and they had an amazing party favor! Some of them got really creative and even technical. One measured her kindle and made a pocket for it to fit into. Others cut out shapes, like a heart and we stitched it on.

The second craft was the request of the birthday girl herself and it involved some cut 2×4 blocks and assorted die-cuts. It’s most fun to provide a good variety and see what the girls come up with.  We had hearts, dress silhouettes, surfboards, flowers and some text. We even had the die-cut tool in case they wanted to cut more hearts or flowers. Layers of mod-podge and paper later, they had their completed design topped off with a pretty tulle bow.



Everyone had a great time and a lot of happy memories were made. And they may have learned a thing or two about patterns, sewing and design too. You can create a party like this too! Or if you like, we can bring one to you – just contact us for a quote.

6 thoughts on “Pillow Party!

    1. Thanks Ruby! I hope they get some great ideas. We have lots of fun around here. 😉 and btw, the birthday girl’s name is Ruby too.

  1. Wow wow wow! So amazing! That was awesome and reminds me of when I used to do sewing and art growing up. I def need to get my sewing machine out. You are incredible. I love the idea the pictures and writing. So cool!

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