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Open House – Craft Shack Style

Throwing a party takes a lot of planning, preparation and a great venue (place). There they are, the three P’s. Sometimes any or all of these things can be overwhelming…. We are here to help. Our vision for The Craft Shack is to bring you the party. If you’ve been following the progress of our trailer, Daisylane, you know that we are moving along without her right now. Our only challenge with this is ‘place’. When we have Daisy with us, we know any place will work. We will roll up, set up and be the backdrop and activity for the party! And we can’t wait! Hopefully in the next few weeks, we’ll have an update on the trailer.

For now, the other two P’s operate much the same no matter the place. We plan (anything from the concept to just the craft/activity) and we prepare (craft boxes or activities with our instructors at your location) and most of all, we love every minute of it!

For our recent open house party, we had 4 different craft stations set up and invited our friends to join us at a beautiful beach house on Balboa Island.  It was perfect weather and a good time was had by all!

Station 1: mini collages
Our favorite was a couple that came by and made a few collages and necklaces, then went out to dinner afterwards. What a sweet date night!

Station 2: wreathes
We had all the burlap and forms ready to go and even a few pre-made wreathes that Amy put together for sale.

Station 3: jewelry
Our guests could choose the charms and crystals and Charlene put the necklaces together while they moved on to the other stations. Personal and beautiful, each and every one!


Station 4: cards
We absolutely LOVE StampinUp products so we made a card and had all the supplies for each of our guests to make their own. We love how everyone puts their own personal touch on their crafts. If you are interested in StampinUp, you can search and buy products here.

For those who joined us, thank you so much! If you want to host a party, let us know what types of crafts or activities you are interested in and your budget. Almost all of our parties are customized and you can also look here for a few ideas. Summer is looming and a great reason to get together with friends and make things. And when we have some news on Daisylane, you’ll be the first to know….

6 thoughts on “Open House – Craft Shack Style

  1. I wish I was there. That would have been so much fun. I love all the stations and you have such beautiful pictures. I almost felt like I was there!

  2. Wow- that is AMAZING!!!!! I can’t believe that I get to have Charlene come up here and help me throw my daughter’s 1st birthday party! SOOOO excited! I will be filming and sharing the experience with everyone. LOVE the Craft Shack!!! 🙂

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