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Open House Craft Day

We are gearing up to host an open house and we are targeting the first weekend in May! Just in time for Mother’s Day. Details soon, we promise on the date, time and general location.

Our open house will feature 3-4 craft stations and you can choose which craft or crafts that you want to make and take with you! The cost will be according to the craft you choose. Our example crafts feature above are:

1. Burlap wreath – Amy will instruct you on how to carefully and creatively weave finished-edge burlap to create your own wreath. Add ribbon or various embellishments too! All supplies included. Cost $30.

2. Burlap wreath #2 – A fun and casual burlap wreath created from cut burlap for a more eclectic look. We should have a few color options available so let us know if you are looking for something specific. Amy will guide you through this creation too! Cost $15.

3. Shadow box/memory necklace – Create a personalized shadow box necklace with a message, positive affirmation and personalized elements. You’ll have a choice for a silver metal or copper plated finish shadow box, various charms, an adjustable cotton or chain necklace and a crystal or two to really make it sparkle! This is a great way to incorporate your own miscellaneous charms into the piece too, so if you have a few charms or even a broken strand of pearls that you don’t know what to do with, bring it! Otherwise all supplies are included. Charlene will guide you through creating the composition for the necklace and helping to assemble or teaching you the techniques to do it yourself. Cost (varies per design) $25-45+.

4. Inspirational Collage – Create a mini inspirational collage on a 3×3 canvas. Charlene and Amy will guide you through techniques for layering and personalizing your message to create a unique gift for you or Mom! Make one or even a few to give as gifts or create a set. Cost $5 each.

FREE: Everyone will create one free Mother’s Day card using Stampin’ Up products! Amy is now our resident Stampin’ Up product representative, so if you need any supplies, she will be able to fulfill your requests.

Our goal was to offer a little variety, crafts that would make a great gift and always the opportunity to spend time together! Hope to see you! Follow us on Facebook too for updates on the date and time!

Also, we’ve linked up with Girl.Inspired to show what we’ve been working on. You can check out their amazing page for more inspiration too!

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12 thoughts on “Open House Craft Day

  1. I can see that it’s a very good thing I don’t live nearby. I LOVE all of those things and would have such a hard time choosing. 🙂 So cool!!!

  2. I think I could customize this to form as a gift for this Mother’s Day. I’m thinking of making the 4th craft full of messages for my Mother and give it to her. Thanks for sharing these craft ideas.

    Mothers Day 2013

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