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Free Mandala Coloring Pages

3 mandalas with inspring quotes written under each one.

Hello! Here we are. We made it to 2021 and for that I am grateful. In my quest for more art and more learning this year, I spent some time learning how to use this really fun app to create mandalas. It’s so easy and basically self-explanatory. If you are interested in learning it, it’s called Amaziograph. It’s .99 on the app store, and I got my money’s worth on the very first day of use. You can also do some really amazing things with the Procreate app. A slightly bigger investment and learning curve, but it’s on my learning list for this year.

Whether you like to create the mandalas yourself or just enjoy coloring them, I hope these 3 that I’m sharing bring you a smile. I find it very calming and meditative to make them and many people find the same feelings when coloring them. You can print them out at home by downloading the PDF. If you color them, I’d love to see. You can tag me on IG at @creativeyoga_oc.

In 2021, may you:
Spread Love and Kindness
Just Be
and remember….
All that I seek is already within me



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