Love is All You Need

Valentine’s Day. I love it most when it’s thoughtful and hand made. Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers and chocolates too! or finding just the right gift like this one below for my husband:

I love you more than bacon | The Craft Shack

At my daughter’s pre-school, the children all make a pretty bag to receive valentine cards from their friends. Candy is not allowed, so we like to get creative. Last year, we did a simple printable message with a pretty Valentine pencil attached. This year, we gave rulers and a unique presentation. These were fun to make and each one is different.

You Rule Valentine | The Craft Shack

I am ‘that person’ who scours the clearance aisles at (everywhere!), Target. Last March, I grabbed up a few packages of these hearts for 90% off the original $5 price tag.  I found wood rulers at the .99 cent store with 4 in each package. (I actually had to go there a few times to find wood ones) We found fun stickers at Michaels and pulled out the ones that said ‘true love’ and ‘i love you’ to make some notes for our family. The washi tape is from Pick Your Plum. Michaels has plenty of it too though!

Valentine washi tape | The Craft Shack

The other supplies used (by me, not my 4 year old) were an Xacto knife, double stick tape runner, a few sheets of 8.5″x11″ card stock and a pen.

They were fun and easy to make together and we made  a few at a time.  I could not get my daughter to sign each one, she only did a few. Our goal for Kindergarten Valentines is to sign them all!

So hopefully you are inspired to make something, have fun with your loved ones and if you need  a playlist for Valentines day crafting, check out our post from last year with our favorite Valentines songs! Also, check out our Love board on Pinterest. Lots of ideas, some you can just ‘print’ and frame too!

Happy Valentines Day! I hope yours is full of love!

UPDATE: Check out our video for further instructions. The first 3 minutes is the quick how-to and the remaining 7 minutes is the kid version! Enjoy!

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