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Keeping it real…

We all have perceptions about people when we meet them or even when we don’t. Maybe you’ve talked or corresponded with someone online and have a fantasy of what they actually look like. Maybe you imagine where or how people live. On a field trip with a group of students last year we walked by a table display and one of them commented “This is how I imagine your table looks”. I smiled and thought about what was going on at my table that moment. It was not pretty. It created a consciousness though.

For each holiday, I’m starting a tradition with my daughter to decorate our table. We have fun placing all our items and learning about principals of design such as balance , emphasis and proportion.

We did well for St. Patricks Day….


We even had a whole set up for Easter….but the reality is that my dining room looks like this more often than not.

keeping it real

Assorted craft projects in progress…centerpieces or table decor pushed to the side and a bit of organized chaos. This is my reality and I’m okay with it.

16 thoughts on “Keeping it real…

  1. That is a great tradition that you are starting. It will really enhance creativity! PS My dining room looks like that too more often than not!

  2. I can definitely relate! I love decorating for the holidays, but I often don’t get the look I was going for. It’s always an idea in my head. 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts!!

  3. That’s awesome. I agree, so many times we compare ourselves with our own imagination of what we think it’s like in someone else’s family! LOL I’ll bet 9x out of 10 were wrong too. No family is perfect like we picture. Great post!

  4. It is so great for her to learn how to set a pretty table at an early age and it will carry over for life. I love pretty tables. Actually, I like eclectic tables but…………………………………….fun and interesting.

  5. There IS this expectation that people have and they get close and are shocked to realize we’re all human. We all have had leftover dishes, crumbs on the floor, unfolded laundry and kids who throw tantrums. Love that you’re keeping it real!

  6. Awesome tradition. Do you also talk about the history of the special occasion? Thank God for holidays and company. My best housecleaning is motivated by company and special events. 🙂

    1. Me too. I need to have parties a few times a year to make sure that the house gets cleaned and projects get completed. We do talk about the history and meaning behind the holidays. I actually had to look up St. Patrick’s Day this year.

  7. I LOVE this with all the little pointers. Especially because after your last post with your amazing gardens in the background- and I know you’re a full-time college professor and run your own side-business- I’m ALWAYS impressed by you. Thanks for keeping it real- and know you’re still impressive! LOVE IT- Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much. It’s hard to keep it all together, so I’d rather have a messy house so I can spend more time having FUN!

  8. Your right, You dont know how many times I think about that and think that My table or what I am doing is not enough. I have had enough with comparing myself to others all the time down to what our tables look like for the Holidays!!! Seems crazy when said out loud, Great Post and I love your tables. I think that it was a great idea and a great blog. Taught me something, I learn more each day. Life is great !!!!

  9. Traditions are great Charlene. I especially love the dining table, your daughter is growing in ways that will benefit her so much later in life because you encouraged her creativity and principals of design.

    Thank you for sharing – T 🙂

    1. I’ve been following the progress on your studio. It would be a dream to design a yoga studio! Good luck to you, it will be amazing.

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