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Jewelry Design That Tells a Story

It’s true what you hear people say about being a Mom. There is no greater joy. You never completely understand your own Mom until you become one yourself and sometimes it’s hard. I’m not going to elaborate on that last one today…

I really just want to recognize and remember all the Moms I’ve been lucky to have in my own life. My own Mom, my Step Mom, my MIL, the 4 Grandmother’s I was blessed with (from my own family) and the one I was blessed with through marriage, the Great grandmothers that I was fortunate to get to know in my childhood years and lastly all of my Mom-friends and even some of their Moms.

In my family, the creative gene goes way back. My blind great-grandmother taught me how to sew by hand. Two of my Grandmother’s were amazing seamstresses and crafters. I had stunning prom dresses, trendy vests and a plethora of projects that I never finished over the years. Now that we have The Craft Shack going, I am enjoying going back and visiting all of the influence these amazing women have had on me.

One of my favorite ‘crafty’ things to do is design jewelry. This piece was a labor of love and still one of my most favorites. It was a special piece I made for my Mother-in-Law. The special part (aside from it being handmade by me) is that most of the charms dangling from the ends were pieces from her Mom. When she passed away after an amazing long life a few years ago, she left behind some special jewelry and some that needed a bit of new life. Miscellaneous charms, broken pearl strands and earrings, etc.

I was so inspired to create this piece and coincidentally sat down and created it on her birthday which was just before Christmas, so I would have a special gift to give to my MIL. The other parameter for creating jewelry for her is that I cannot have any metal touching her skin. The piece is made mostly out of tiny, beautiful seed beads, pearls and Swarovski crystals. It can be worn almost like you would wear a scarf and it’s just stunning.

Re-purposed necklace, charms, pearls
My jewelry making went on a bit of a hiatus for a few years, but now that my daughter is a bit older, I’ve been getting out my supplies, learning new techniques and trying some new ideas. These shadow box style necklaces are the perfect way to tell a story and add a personal touch. They would be another great way to re-purpose some special charms or beads that have sentimental value. Look for more of these on The Craft Shack blog coming soon.

I hope you enjoyed the stories and it inspires you to polish off those old charms and re-purpose them into something new! And take a minute to be thankful for all of the ‘Mom’s’ in your life.

5 thoughts on “Jewelry Design That Tells a Story

  1. The necklace Char made for me was probably the most wonderful gift I have ever received. When I wear the necklace I think of both my mom and Char. Two very remarkable women.

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