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Island Crafting and Dreaming of Hawaii!


Even (or should I say especially) on the beautiful island of Oahu, I’m excited to craft! We sat down with “auntie Lorna”, because everyone is your Auntie here and she told wonderful stories about the island and the craft as we began weaving a bracelet from dried leaves of the Hawaiian Hala tree.

She says the tourists (ehmm…us) call it the walking tree, or the pineapple tree. Check out the roots on this tree that grow above ground!

Image Courtesy of:
Image Courtesy of:

And it has an interesting and beautiful fruit/flower.

Our materials were the leaves that had been dried and prepared for weaving. The waving was basic, easy and fun. In about 30 minutes, we had a handmade souvenir!

Hala Bracelet
I asked how we could get the material, but didn’t get a solid answer. I don’t think these trees grow in CA. I’m not sure how I can import the leaves or bring them through the airport….We will come up with a way to recreate this fun Hawaiian experience with something similar.

This would be a fun craft to celebrate at a summer Hawaiian themed party or a luau! I’m so inspired by my island vacation, that I think I’ve got my own birthday plans about done. Theme: hukilau 70’s beach party! I will be integrating tikis and maybe some weaving. It’s time to make this happen.


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