Holiday Crafts and a Recipe Too

We at the Craft Shack are in gear for the holiday Season. Thanksgiving next week means my famous Hawaiian Bread stuffing and a day with family and friends. From our Holiday workshop last weekend, my front door is also styled up with a festive Thanksgiving wreath. {Thanks Amy!}

The day was a great success and we were so happy for the friends that came out to join us and get started on their own holiday crafts and gifts. We were fortunate to have our workshop in Newport Beach, down in Cannery Row at Fortune Design, a boutique Interior Design Studio with a perfect space for us to host the workshop. Thank you again Sonya for allowing us to use your space. We loved it!

We had many different options for our friends and they were in creative mode as they began to craft.

We are loving this beautiful wall hanging by our friend Debbie.


Our friend Janet made one too, along with a countdown calendar.


At least 3 wreaths were made that day and embellished for Thanksgiving with discussions on how to modify the décor for Christmas.


There was plenty of stamping going on too. Dozens of gift tags with stamps, washi tape and even a little bling were created. Some of them are so pretty, they might hang as ornaments after they are removed from a gift.




We revived a few gift items that we had introduced last year too including Joy Banners and Glass tile pendant necklaces.

All in all, an amazing day. We had one request for being open every weekend. That would be so much fun and soon, we’ll actually be on wheels and perhaps headed to your home or space for our next event. Daisylane is currently in the shop and maybe, just maybe…a Christmas present she will be for us!

One last little detail here: Can I mention my Hawaiian Bread stuffing again? It’s really good.  The recipe is below if you are feeling adventurous to try something new for Thanksgiving. Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving Everyone!


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