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Halloween is upon us!

Halloween is upon us! Personally, I love the fun celebrations of this day. Dress up, wigs, costumes and candy – so much fun! Equally fun is decorating for the holiday. This year, I’m attempting to keep it simple at our house.

I sewed up a few of the fun pennant banners in Halloween prints and hung them up. The ‘spooky’ blocks were crafted from salvaged 2×4’s. Scrap book paper and vinyl letters cut out on the Silhouette, along with a layer of mod-podge brought them to life! (And the best part is that I can turn them around on November 1 and it will spell the word: ‘thanks’)

The Craft Shack | Halloween DecorFrom one of my all-time favorite flea market purchases (these wood crates), I have displayed a variety of Halloween décor items. I absolutely love these boxes!

The Craft Shack | Halloween Decor

Last year, I had just acquired them and had not had a chance to hang them yet. This was our resulting décor from last year with the boxes on the floor.

The Craft Shack | Halloween Decor

My other goal this year is to use what I have. (I have plenty!) I may buy just a few accessories to tie things together, but not much. I also got rid of a few items that I had not been displaying which feels good to do.

This past weekend, my 4yo did her favorite Halloween craft with her Grandma, the popcorn hands! We’ve got about 4 of these now. They are an easy and fun craft and would be great for a Halloween party. You need latex gloves, candy corn, popcorn, a plastic spider ring and some ribbon. The candy corn goes into the gloves first to become the fingernails. Fill with popcorn, tie with fun ribbon and put a spider ring on one of the fingers. And while you’re making it, it doubles as a snack! (Don’t eat any of it after it’s been in the gloves though – decoration only)

The Craft Shack | Halloween Decor

What are your favorite parts of Halloween? Do you like to decorate or dress up? We’d love to hear from you.

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