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End of Summer Craft Day

Since the Fall semester begins tomorrow, so marks the ‘end of summer break’ for me! I fully intend to keep summer going well into October as usual in CA. Finding easy, quick crafts to do with toddler (I mean ‘big girls’) around is always a challenge, but perusing Pinterest usually does the trick and we were inspired by this pin yesterday. By we I mean one of my nearest and dearest friends and co-conspirator of Out on the Lawn!

It’s always great when you have everything on hand for your craft and this one was a short list:
Assorted Sharpies
Eyedropper (or some form of dropper)
glass jars
rubber bands
plain t-shirts that were calling out for some color randomness
check, check & check!

We choose a small jar since the garments were fairly small and instructed the girls to draw/color the size of a dime. We set one out for reference.

We let then choose 3 colors per circle and then we added about 20-25 drops or (1/4 teaspoon) of alcohol and watched the magic happen! It was fast, fun and manageable with 3.5 year olds and adult supervision for the sharpies and alcohol.

It’s a great way to spruce up those t-shirts with random stains and let the kids be proud that they ‘made’ their shirt!

Fun, fun, fun.
Try it!


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