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Todays prompt focus on EMOTIONS, specifically “what brings you joy?”

Emotions are something we all have. I’ve dealt with a full spectrum of emotions in my life and what a pleasure it will be to express gratitude for what brings me joy. I think a simple list ought to do the trick here….and a limit, say 10 things that bring me joy (in no particular order):

  1. Coffee – If you know me at all, this should not be  surprise.
  2. A sunny day – I love that when my daughter makes a wish in a fountain, it’s usually for “a sunny day”.  I tend to agree with her, whether warm or cold, the sun makes me happy.
  3. Time spent with a good friend – Nothing compares really. I love my people.
  4. My daughter – She’s kinda awesome. Joy is a “me and you” day or a day with friends and enjoying her happy adventures.
  5. Seeing the joy in others – It brings me joy to see others happy. A child. A student. A dog running on the beach. Joy is contagious.
  6. My family – My little family of 3 brings me so much joy (and other emotions too!) and my extended family of nieces and nephews, brothers & sisters, parents and in-laws, I am grateful for.family
  7. The beach – My happy place.
  8. Giving to others – To show gratitude for all that I have, it brings me joy to give to others.
  9. Doing something special for myself – Those moments when I escape for some retail therapy or a pedicure bring me joy.
  10. Noticing the beauty in things – Natural things. I love to look at all the color in an apple, or a sunset.

The list could go on and on…I’m grateful that each day, in some way, I feel joy.

Top photo courtesy: http://www.abcbysue.com
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