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Dwell on Design 2012

Once again this year I attended the Dwell on Design show for it’s opening day, Friday. I had a great time and good company with a friend/former student/recent design school grad (so proud!).

Upon arrival, we walked by a fleet of electric/alt fuel vehicles which was very cool to see. You could even test drive them if you were so inclined. From a purely aesthetic point of view, I was very impressed with the Ford Focus. The Audi was also noteable.  Mercedes pictured below.


We walked the floor rather quickly, stopping to take a closer look at items and displays that peeked our interest most: Airstream trailers, modular homes, a crazy bubble structure and an amazing spa/bathtub. We skipped most of the ‘fixtures’ type booths, like seriously, how many faucets do I need to see at a trade show?  The Kohler booth/shipping container with the tub settees was very cool though!

kohler trade show booth

And I did mention that amazing spa/tub, right? It absolutely belongs on a balcony in Malibu! By Duravit.

My personal favorite area was Dwell Outdoor and the modular homes. I have a dream (fantasy) of one day owning a fabulous modular eco-structure on my land (that I don’t yet own) in Cambria, California. Cambria is an odd place to purchase land if you are not familiar. They only issue a set amount of permits for water/power each year, so you could buy a property but not be able to build on it for like 20 years! Since I probably won’t be able to afford it for 20 years, the chance that it will actually happen is rather a long shot, but I digress…

The ecofabulous  LivingHome Prefab Showhouse was crowded, so no photos but there are plenty online.  There was some amazing furniture and a lot of thought into the products and details.

The ‘mini-home’ by Sustain Design Studio/HMK Prefab Homes was a pefect ‘getaway’ type home. We could envision it at the river or in Cambria. It touted no vinyl, remewable materials, no drywall, energy monitoring, quality construction and optional off-grid systems.

The Airstream Sterling is always dreamy and inspiring. What is there to say really? A timeless classic.


I just had to go into the Inflate home and then I just had to get out. It had a strange smell. It was a cool concept and a compressed air type structure that kept it conditioned. It seemed pricey and I’m not sure I can envision an appropriate place to have this thing. A backyard temporary guest house?

The connect home was another great modular concept with many options. The one that was on display was similar to this plan. And they have a local LA address. That is very cool. You can see a glimpse of it to the right in the photo below.

The G-pod was interesting and I like the name. For the price and overall purpose, I’m not sure what to do with it. From $15-35K. It’s interesting though. Maybe a fun ‘design problem’ for my students to think about.


Some other product highlights were the modern playhouse manufactured in Minnesota and flux junior chair made and designed in Holland– ‘a one piece foldable designer chair for children’.

modern playhouse

Overall a fun and inspiring day seeing some new and innovative products, structures and even a 1 hour CEU on the CAL Green code! I’ll have another post dedicated to that soon.



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