Driving Ms. Daisy{Lane}

It’s not a good feeling at all when you hitch your trailer up for the first time…by yourself and 10 minutes later you are dragging it across a major highway and it comes unhitched. So that happened…

Thankfully, there were a few people around and they were helpful. My front tongue hitch really saved the trailer and in the process it broke to bits. The crank came off and was in the middle of the road. I had to go and fetch it and use the pin from the hitch to put it back on and crank the trailer off the ground.

Then there was the issue of the tongue not being able to stay up since the crank was broken. Thankfully, I had my husband’s truck and he always has zip ties handy. We hitched up and got her home with minimal damage. One quick visit to Camping World and about $50 later, we were alright.

So, I have to practice and really get the hang of things with the trailer. Hitching correctly, driving using only side mirrors and the yet uncharted territory of backing the thing up! I can do it. It may just take some time to do it well.

Let’s look at the positives now. We’ve successfully driven to parties, a friends house, the beach, and all over Orange County, so this was only one minor little hiccup.

I’m really looking forward to driving her back up to SLO county to visit family and friends with some minor anxiety about getting thorough Los Angeles on the 405 and that dreaded downhill on the 101 into Camarillo. Other then that, yeah, I’m ready!

So, have you hauled a trailer large or small? We welcome your shared stories. Feel free to leave a comment below or join us on Facebook to keep the conversation going.

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