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Dreaming of a Wine Christmas

Catchy, right? Well, as long as we don’t overdo it, a glass of wine among friends is a nice way to get into the spirit. This season, I’ve been blessed with so many fun events to get into the spirit of Christmas, including the We Care event where we crafted with over 100 kids, the holiday train ride to see Santa at Irvine Regional Park and celebrating the end of a successful semester with my co-workers and then my students, I haven’t even gotten to the holiday spirits…er, wines yet.

Good think I had a few corks saved from earlier this year. I knew I wanted to do ‘something’ with them. I’ve even seen a few great ideas on Pinterest, but so many of them had broken links! Don’t you just hate that? I usually try to check the items that I pin. I want to know the source and it’s a great way to find other like-minded bloggers and crafters.

So I had a handful of corks and I do happen to have quite a large supply of jewelry making supplies on hand also, including wire, tools, charms, crystals….you name it, I probably have it as jewelry making (ok and scrapbooking) is truly my crafty passion.

I posted this photo on Facebook yesterday, and I have to say, it got the best response of ANY photo or post we’ve made to date. I think we’ve found our audience! Next year, for sure, we will have a wine cork, ornament making workshop – or perhaps you’ll want to host one? Let us know! Start saving your corks now!

The Craft Shack | Cork Ornaments

If you want to attempt making these yourself, you’ll need:
A small drill (I have a small Black & Decker handheld drill/screwgun)
Jewelry making tools (round nose & chain nose pliers and cutters) You could start with a kit
Assorted charms, findings, crystals & chain (I’ve even seen buttons used on the ends)
Head pins & wire for connecting through the cork

The Craft Shack | Cork Ornaments

Then you can just get creative!

The Craft Shack | Cork Ornaments

Have you thought of any other fun things to do with wine corks? We’d love to hear and see your ideas, please share.

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