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Day One – Dwell on Design

I had a late start due to an appointment this morning, but a quick 45 min drive to the LA convention center.  Upon arrival I spotted a $5 Parking lot which is great if I promised to leave by 6pm.
Walking downtown through LA Live, I was immediately distracted by the Grammy Museum.  So I have a place to go if I get bored…Now that I’m inside, there is probably no chance of that.  There is so much to see.

It’s noon, I’m hungry but decide to exist on of a free organic toddler cereal bar and sample of juice.

I’ve stumbled (purposefully) into the Design Innovation Stage and have just listened to an insightful young community artist as I wait for the next speaker to talk about “how to pitch the media”

Two of the editors from Dwell speak about pitching to Dwell.
They are well-spoken and engaging.  Here is their advice:

Email, don’t call
Send As many visuals as possible
Make info easy to access in terms of format
Editors meet and share submissions, don’t submit the same project to various editors
Be patient

Long lead time, They work 6 months in advance
Tell them:
Why does your project matter?
Why is it modern?
Why do the readers knees to know about it?
Avoid just sending links
Hi -res artwork is best

Shorter lead time for online publication
Coverage online is as big a deal as print coverage
Multimedia opportunities
Ok to pitch ideas that go beyond the word

Target the editors and tell them something relevant about why you want to be in dwell

Who is your audience?  Why do they need to know your story?
The dwell community cares about methodology and the process.
Pitch often, get rejected often.  Learn to have a thick skin.

After that, I hit the show floor and have a look around…I’ll review my favorites in the next post.

A $9 salad and a vent iced-coffee later, I find myself back on the design innovation stage to catch the end of Craig Steeley’s presentation.  He seems very interesting and worth checking out his work and philosophy.  And I always appreciate someone who can sketch and shares their process:

I decide to sit through the next speaker waiting for the last 2 I want to see.  This next presentation is definitely not my favorite.  She is showcasing bathrooms from around the world.  Pretty pictures, a bit of bathing history and culture but too scripted and not once did she crack a smile or engage with the audience.

Up next: Mike Tadros

Excited to see him doing a live demo of Product Connect.  I follow his blog and YouTube videos and anyone who takes my digi-viz class will become familiar with him.
Product connect can be downloaded for free (with SketchUp) and used in the 3d warehouse.  Miele, Oceanside glass and thermador each have featured collections with others already online and more in the works.

I end my day at DOD on the Design Innovation stage enjoying the “unseen Eames” films.

After this inspiring day, I head to the other end of town to meet up with a friend and eat some bratwurst.   Check it out.

The surroundings are so interesting too, so a few photos playing with the camera of the Downtown LA scenery and my obsession with pallets continues.