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Daisylane – Ready to Roll

It all started in July 2012 while on vacation in the CA Central Coast, surfing Cragslist for Vintage Trailers. (Actually it started about 6 months before that in my sister’s garage when we were hanging out crafting together!). We thought a trailer would be a great place to keep all (or most of) our stuff and a mobile venue to craft anywhere.

So, back to the Craigslist ad. I emailed, we exchanged calls and I went and saw it as quickly as I could. It was rough, but had so much potential and for whatever reason, I just had to have THIS trailer! I phoned my partner and she trusted my judgement and we hauled it to my parents house to sit for a few months and evaluate if it was road worthy enough to travel the 240+ miles home.

While the process has been slower than we originally anticipated, we could not be more pleased with the outcome. Part of the slow progress was due to a TV series that was cancelled before it even aired. We ‘auditioned’ to be a part of the show and have our trailer featured on an episode. That process in and of itself was excited and sort of disappointing since it set back our turn for getting the trailer completed. Even still, we’ve managed to put together some great events over the past year and a half at people’s homes, businesses and even at the beach!

I’ve said this before and I’ll state it here again. The Craft Shack is truly about brining people together, having fun, and making things. We have some big plans for upcoming retreats (this summer!) and putting together a schedule of availability for parties, corporate events, girls night out and of course, camping!

While it’s a bit pre-mature since there are a few final details to finish (which we plan to do this week) we are so grateful that we found The Canned Ham Man and very appreciative of their knowledge and skill in transforming our Daisylane into her new/old self! They are a great team. I’m already thinking of trailer #2….

The following photos (as well as the header) are curtesy of The Canned Ham Man and are progress shots taken of the progress. You can visit the full site here to see even more.

The Craft Shack - 67 Field and Stream H1
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If you are interested in hiring The Craft Shack for an upcoming event for 2014, please feel free to contact us with details and we will get back to you ASAP.

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