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Crafty Up-cycled Valentine Boxes

There are some really cute ideas to create Valentine’s holders for kids. I think that you could take any type of box and make something great! Cover with wrapping paper, craft paper, stickers, paint, etc. Each child could make a unique creation.

Here are some of the favorites that I’ve seen while perusing the web for inspiration:


Cute Paper Plate Valentine Holder – “A Mom Knows”

Felt Envelope – “It’s Good for the Heart” (Cute, but they also have them at Target in the $1 bin.)

A shoe box – “Today’s Mama”

A square tissue box – “Tip Junkie”

The cereal box – Kelly Panacci (This might be my favorite!)

Lego Box – The Blackberyy Vine (You could use a shoebox or any kind of box, really.)

My daughter’s Kindergarten teacher wanted each of the kids to create a valentine box, so I sent him the images above. We immediately began collecting boxes. Cereal boxes, amazon boxes, misc. food item boxes that seemed to fit the description and size requirements. We ended up with a nice variety. I think half of them actually came from our household! (It made me realize that I’m a serious ‘consumer’ and it felt good to re-purpose these boxes instead of immediately putting them in the recycle bin)

To make it “kinder-ready”, we used brown package wrap. One roll from Target wrapped our 23 boxes with only some very tiny remnants left. We used packing tape from the .99 cent store to secure the edges and tape the hole that was cut in the center. The hole is large enough for their hand to reach in and should fit most (hopefully all) of their classroom valentine treasures!


The packages, along with stickers, die cuts and some assorted washi and duck-tape were delivered to the class. Today they decorate! There may need to be an update to show their creative cuteness!


However you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, we hope you enjoy it! If you are looking for a cute idea with dollar store items – check out our post from last year!

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