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Crafting Christmas Ornaments

I don’t know about you, but I love to keep my hands busy! For a holiday party or family gathering, it’s nice to play games together or even better, make something! Over this holiday week, we are entertaining friends and family in small groups. In effort to keep it simple and use what I already have, I came up with this fun and super cute little paper ornament to have on the craft table. There are many versions of this that you can look up Pinterest. I made one and then let everyone’s creativity take over.

The supplies needed are:
Pretty scrapbook paper – One sheet makes about 24-30 strips
Pipe cleaners/fuzzy sticks
Assorted beads
Hole punch – (1/8″ round works perfect)

To make the small ornament, follow the photos below:

The Craft Shack ornament infographic

Or get creative!

The Craft Shack |


The fun part is sitting together, talking and visiting and being creative.  It would be fun to do a whole tree (ok a small one) with these. I think I will cut some more paper and do this again on Christmas Eve!

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