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Color Any Way You Want

I’m borrowing that phrase from my lovely friend Leslie who was inspirational in getting me back into art a few years ago. It never leaves a person, it’s just that our priorities tend to shift as we juggle work, family, and life.

I’ve been drawing for a special project for the past few years. I work a bit, then get distracted or need to change direction and get motivated. There is no time like the present to be motivated to find things to do to keep busy and bring some joy to your day.

I’ve got a small collection of drawings that I’d like to share for just that purpose. I’ll post one today and continue posting 2-3 each week as I get the time to format them. You can print them out and “color any way you want!” Crayons, colored pencils or even an app on you iPad. So far all the drawings, have been done with a “Stylist” pen in a sketchbook, scanned with “Camscanner”, my favorite app and edited a bit in an Adobe program. Everything is a process…

Enjoy today’s coloring page.

My new Yoga friend (who I haven’t met in person yet, but we teach at the same studio) Kari, did an awesome example for some color inspiration.

If you color, feel free to post and tag @creativeyoga_oc or @learnlivedesign. I’d love to see what you do with it.

Download the Cactus Coloring PDF here.

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