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This week, I completed a beginning yoga class at a local community college. 3 days a week/8 weeks = 24 sessions. I missed 5 for a planned vacation and a work conference. The days I attended, I was there, wholly there. I needed it much more than I ever knew. I kept to myself somewhat… Read More Bright

A little bit of Everything


Todays prompt is BEAUTY The old saying” Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder is such a strong and true statement. In our world, it’s so easy to get caught up in the societal expectations of beauty. No fat, no wrinkles, perfection on too many levels to keep up with…. I love to look… Read More Beauty

A little bit of Everything

My Parents

Today’s prompt is YOUR PARENTS Today, a short post to say that I’m grateful for my parents. They had an abrupt transition into parenthood directly out of high school. My early memories include my awesome tree-house that was made out of an old boat, spending time with cousins, grandparents and extended family and some serious period… Read More My Parents