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Case Study – Kitchen 3

In continuing my case studies on Kitchens, I present a fun, modern IKEA kitchen for my best friend and fellow designer. Designing for a designer has it’s own challenges, but I was honored that she trusted me to bring her ideas to life!

This project presented it’s challenges as all do.

  1. Get the laundry area out of the kitchen!
  2. Maximize storage
  3. Budget

Construction involved (permits for new electrical panel) moving walls, plumbing, added electrical, etc.

This project was particularly fun for a few reasons.  #1 was the client. #2 was working with the IKEA software and putting the space together like a puzzle! Once you decide on particular products, you then have the kit of parts to work with to bring it together. Reason #3 that this project was fun is that it prompted me to create a new learning unit for my students based on my experience.

So as with most projects, this one began with sketches. Here is the ‘before’ sketch:

And a few options that we looked at:

Once we discussed the sketches and options, we progressed to AutoCAD and then to the IKEA software. This took a few trips to the store after working on it at home. I was so thankful on one visit to run into a former student working in the kitchen department! She was able to help with the things that the software can’t do and help to customize corners and fillers, etc.

On another visit, we were focused on selecting countertops and were fortunate to run into the Ceaserstone rep in the store. He provided us with a large sample that he just happened to have in his trunk and I got his card for a possible future guest speaker for my students. I need to call him!

Once the plan was done and the order placed, we worked on the electrical layout and details in terms of who would do what. We had Construction,  a new electrical panel, flooring, demo and installation of new cabinets/countertop and paint and finish work.

We had one hiccup on this project with a dimension that didn’t quite work out. We ended up having to change one of the cabinet boxes for a proper fit to the existing opening location. This kind of thing happens and it’s never pleasant to communicate the ‘problem’ to the client. I always try to communicate it with options for a proposed solution and at the end of the day, we often come up with something that is even better than originally planned!

Photographing this kitchen and the detail has not yet been accomplished, but here it is all set up for a party! So you can see the functionality here, it’s a happy occasion and the day to day use brings a smile to her face too!

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