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Case Study – Kitchen 2

If only I had some money to invest in properties so I could be one of those ‘house flippers’….who am I kidding, it seems like a very stressful job! But maybe someday. My case study kitchen #2 was for a friend that I’ve known since high school! She and I both took our very first Interior Design class together and she has her own unique and defined style. Her husband is a talented craftsman and DIY’er so it was fun to work with both of them to help bring their vision to life.

I first saw this project when they bought the house and were in the process of demolition to create a great room instead of the segmented living, kitchen, dining areas so popular in the 60’s. After much discussion, it seemed the best idea to relocate the kitchen entirely to the opposite side of the space. Thankfully, he was up for the task!

The challenge for this kitchen was that the homeowners had purchased cabinetry for a different house and it was boxed in their garage and ready to install! After contemplating the layout, we added 2 more cabinet boxes and got them on order to bring the whole space together. Here are our initial sketches and some finished images:

The built-in pantry, new ceiling, lighting and flooring completed the look and provide a functional space for a busy family and all their friends

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