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This week, I completed a beginning yoga class at a local community college. 3 days a week/8 weeks = 24 sessions. I missed 5 for a planned vacation and a work conference. The days I attended, I was there, wholly there. I needed it much more than I ever knew.

I kept to myself somewhat at first, being the oldest, heaviest person in the class. This wasn’t quite going to work in this class. The teacher was amazing, engaging, caring and created a community, a “sangha” with the people in the class. We shared commonalities, compliments and the time we dedicated to ourselves and each other over the weeks. We memorized and demonstrated an amazing flow in groups of 3. I kept up with all the “kids” in the class as best as I could and I let my self-judgment go.

Fast forward to the very last day, the teacher passed a basket around the room with inspiring words written on stones. Each person chose a stone and talked about what the word represented to them in their yoga practice. The first person selected “soul”. She was the class assistant teacher and she eloquently spoke about the meaning of soul to her. The next student selected “iridescent” and he spoke as if scripted, about the meaning of the word and the many facets that it represented and related back to his yoga practice. Then it was my turn. Following those two, I didn’t know what to say as I pulled “bright” from the basket. Student #2 helped me get started and I mumbled something about feeling bright in my mind and body and having no physical body pain though this experience. There is SO. MUCH. MORE. I could have said!

Bright: A friend came over one evening and strummed my favorite guitar and exclaimed, “bright!”. I think the feeling is much like that moment, where there is clarity. Having a clear mind and working on improving my own strength do make me feel bright and when I think more about it, I want to be bright! Like a lighthouse, where I can also be the brightness for others, like my daughter…and my students, or anyone I meet. Bright can come out of me in kindness toward myself, my family, to everyone. I’m bright!

Everyone in this summer class was truly amazing, strong, talented and kind. I wish the best to my omies as they go on toward their goals and I was honored to be part of their journey and have them be part of mine.

We are soul, iridescent, electric, bright, awake, optimistic, illuminate, space, joy, and resilience. Namaste.

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