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Todays prompt is BEAUTY

The old saying” Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder is such a strong and true statement. In our world, it’s so easy to get caught up in the societal expectations of beauty. No fat, no wrinkles, perfection on too many levels to keep up with….

I love to look at beauty in nature, in our surroundings and of course in people, but not always in terms of the way they look. I love the beauty of imperfection and asymmetry; The juxtaposition of clean, simple lines with something more organic and imperfect. I admire the beauty in a person willing to help others, or share stories and really connect with people on a level below the surface.

Look for beauty in unexpected places. I am often captivated by the color and beauty in a vegetable garden, a sunset and even the colors that come out of my juicer. I know, it may seem like I’m reaching here, but I’m genuine in my thoughts. And it makes me happy when I spend the time to notice the beauty and details in everyday life. I am grateful for all the beauty that surrounds us everyday.

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