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And the color is…..

After months of waiting in line…(aka free storage) our turn is coming up! We had been discussing color choices for months also. Back and forth between white and aqua, white and yellow…even pink coming up now and again as an option. The final decision is: YELLOW and white…with a touch of sliver! We choose a perfect color from Frazee Paint called Yellow Submarine.

Inspired by these beautiful images that we’ve been collecting on our Vintage Trailer Pinterest board:




A decision is made. Progress. And it makes perfect sense (to us) since we call her “Daisy” that she reflects her name in her color. We love it!

10 thoughts on “And the color is…..

    1. We are a mobile craft business! We bring the party to your location and the activities/crafts. We are restoring a 67 trailer and love the images above as our inspiration!

  1. YOU and YOUR TRAILER is AMAZING!!!! So COOOOOOLLLLLL. Love it love it love it! Can’t wait to hire you to come and throw a party for my little ones- let’s see- Memorial Day weekend- Santa Barbara? YOU ROCK!

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