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An Abandoned Gem in Puerto Rico

Three summers ago, I visited Puerto Rico. We loved the visit. Friendly people, good food, REALLY good coffee, and beautiful sites. After the devastating hurricane, our family was heartbroken hearing the stories of so many people without water or power for so long. Some may even still be without as we are not hearing much on the news these days.

Our hotel had an amazing beach frontage and it was fun to walk and explore. Just a few hundred yards away, I stumbled upon this abandoned gem. Beachfront, vacant and as far as I can tell from a recent Google search, it’s still there.

Imagine the possibilities. I think about using this as a student project – what would they do to rehabilitate it? What would they keep, add, use?

Graffiti as an art form. Someone or many someones have spent a lot of time here, leaving their mark, their tag…what does it mean?

And perhaps not so long ago, it all of these lounges stored beneath the balcony once served happy sun-seekers.

It’s always fun to imagine…and to capture images of something that may not be there forever. Enjoy.

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