For as long as I remember my most favorite subjects in school were Art and English. In my junior year of HS, I took an Interior Design class and knew instantly that would be my major in college. I earned my BS from CSU Long Beach in 1994 and shortly after graduation began my career working for prominent Architecture and Interior Design firms in Orange County and Los Angeles, CA. My design work encompasses a wide variety of projects ranging from small startup companies to corporate office headquarters, higher education, student housing, and consulting work.

I love design and sometimes for a second, I miss being immersed in a large project with a talented group of people and a team of Engineers and Contractors….I will always be a Designer. I maintain my professional credentials with NCIDQ and CCIDC. I was an active member of IIDA from 2001-2018. I earned my LEED 2.0 Accreditation in 2004. I truly enjoy the challenges of design, continuous learning, and changes that occur in the design profession and the ability to share and mentor a new generation of designers. I am now fully dedicated to my role as an educator and welcome the opportunity to consult on future projects.

Anyone that knew me growing up may likely have voted me ‘least likely to become a college professor. I was smart but extremely shy. (It’s true) When I was given the opportunity to speak to a group of students in 1999, I jumped at the chance! I was nervous, so of course, I was over-prepared and brought a lot of props. It felt so great to share my passion for design and to inspire a group of students. Within two years, I was teaching my first class! Quickly I realized I had a lot to learn. Learning is what kept me motivated to be better; better at learning, listening and trying new things.

My life changed completely in 2004-05 when I earned my MA in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University. The exposure to this program and the people that I am still connected with, created an impact so strong and a bond that only others that have experienced the same program can understand. My philosophy as an educator has also changed dramatically as a result of the program. It validated my project-based learning approach, gave me an understanding of various social learning theories, and introduced me to Action Research. I consider myself a life-long learner. I believe that learning is social and learners construct their own knowledge with guidance, resources, and their peers. I am not a traditional lecturer. I share my experiences and expertise while encouraging students to discover their passion. My most positive exchanges with students have been mutual. I learn from them as they learn from me.

I was awarded a full-time faculty position beginning fall 2007 at Orange Coast College where I have taught part-time since 2001.

For many years, the professional ‘me’ was at odds with the crafty creative side of me. I’m over it. I am truly all of these things wrapped or warped together. I began making jewelry as a creative outlet and fell in love with it. I love crafting, sewing, painting, making messes, and having fun doing it with friends and my daughter. I love creating!

Food (& Coffee!)Lover.
What is there to say really…it’s true. I enjoy eating out, trying new foods, baking, and experimenting in my own kitchen. My direction now with food is to eat as clean as possible and understand the effects of what goes into my body.

I truly love to help others and be part of my community. I’m entering my 6th year of leading a Girl Scout troop and trying my best to be a part of the girls’ lives in growing their leadership and service skills. I am serving on the Board of Kinetic Academy, a local charter school in Huntington Beach. You will also find me attending local clean-ups, crafting with seniors, taking on some extra design work for non-profits and projects that touch my heart.

Just after college as I transitioned into the “real world”, I began doing yoga at my local gym. I found a teacher that I liked and followed her to a yoga studio. I did yoga off and on at a few studios and loved the peaceful feeling and physical challenge of it. In 2019, I dove in deep and completed my 200 hr teacher training. I learned a lot more about the history and the practice as a whole and how to practice yoga and the philosophy of yoga in my everyday life. I began teaching a local studio 1x/week. As the pandemic hit us in 2020, that yoga studio, along with many others did not survive. I found an amazing online community and began practicing and study an additional 300 hours. I’m still working toward the 500-hour certification (a few teaching hours away!) Ultimately, what I’d love to do with this certification is offer classes in conjunction with retreats and teach private sessions, designing each class to suit the client’s abilities.

My most favorite of all the things that I am.