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A Very Sweet Party

This is a bit of an overdue post if you’ve been following us for a while. Remember this February inspiration board? This one was for my daughter and well, the party was a raging good time!

A repurposed catering box is now fit for dress up clothes
With a theme of ‘candy’ how could anything be sweeter? It was a big party, relatively speaking and it truly embraced this special moment in time of her 4th birthday! We invited our close friends and family and her playmates from pre-school to come and celebrate. The turn-out was amazing, lots of families joined us and there were plenty of fun activities, including a craft, of course!

The Craft Shack - Backyard Birthday party
The craft was painting on a blank canvas. Each child was given a blank canvas with a vinyl initial on it. They could paint anything they wanted, and then peel off the letter when it dried. They all had a great time painting, but no-one really cared about the letter. Some left them on, others peeled them off and just a few ended up with the white initial at the end. It was so great to see their little creative minds at work.

The Craft Shack - Canvas Painting
The food was super yummy! Traditional BBQ hot dogs and mini-burgers were going on the grill, rainbow fruit skewers made with love and two amazing salads prepared by my MIL. There were hardly any left-overs. I found a link to one of the salad recipes: Greek Salad  and below is the Gluten-Free Fiesta Pasta Salad– they were that good, you might want to bookmark them.

Gluten Free Fiesta Pasta Salad
Our attempt at a musical chairs inspired game didn’t garner much interest, but our trampoline did! We were super thankful for the awesome Dad who took charge of watching the children in the trampoline, re-directing when necessary and hanging out in there with them!

A party game of musical squares

Well behaved children in a trampoline
The amazing goodies on the candy table didn’t last long. We had a great assortment of sweets! And to hopefully find a little redemption with the parents, we sent home a toothbrush in each of the goodie bags.

Sweet Shoppe birthday table for 4th birthday party
Birthday song time was all about the cupcakes! We had chocolate with cookie dough frosting and vegan prepared red-velvet for our friends with allergies.

proud mommy moment and birthday wishes
All in all, it was an amazing day! We are thankful to our friends for joining in the fun. We are super thankful to the older girls we ‘hired’ to help keep the craft table in order and clean up all the toys and trash! And the birthday girl is already planning her next birthday and trying to talk us into a half birthday celebration too.

9 thoughts on “A Very Sweet Party

  1. Those gumdrops that are were in the background were so precious! Such a fun and colorful party. Hey, I got to admit, between musical chairs and the trampoline, I’d be bounding on the trampoline too. It was so nice to take a look inside at such a wonderful party!

  2. This is so awesome! I wish I was this crafty! That gene was not given to me in the least bit though. I’m the anti-crafty, anti-fashionista, and anti-interior decorator! Haha.

    1. Haha, thanks! We all have skills and we might need to connect with your yoga skills and get you to CA for a future creative camp. You can teach us yoga and we can craft together too.

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