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A Project Completed

Another semester comes to an end and we watch many of our students move on. They graduate and find jobs, they transfer and continue their education and find purpose in their acquired knowledge. I’m fortunate and proud to be a part of their journey.

A year after my class worked on the design of the Architxture showroom, they were ready for their grand opening party! I had the honor of helping them bring some of their final details to life including a gallery wall of photos, their signage and artwork. This was an honor and a pleasure as often times in my past life working for design firms, these were exactly the details that either got overlooked or left to someone else because “we have no fee left for that…”

The signage was really fun to work on. We wanted to add warmth to the space as was the original direction of the student designers. We found some reclaimed wood that was originally from Kentucky and used as horse fencing. It was very dense and imperfect, which made it a perfect choice! The fabricator (my husband) had his share of challenges trying to make even pieces and work on the cantilever design. It was helpful that I was able to draw it in 3D using SketchUP so that he could view it from various angles since the only time he went to the jobsite was to install it!

The signage and wall panels were a beautiful addition to the showroom.

And to complete the party, the video of the process from the student participation to the end result was also finalized. Enjoy!




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