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A Magical Treasure Hunt

An important part of planning a party is ensuring that there are fun activities for the guests. With our younger crowd, the crafts are popular, but they need to be quick and interactive to hold their attention. For my daughter’s 6th birthday party that we hosted last weekend, we also integrated a treasure hunt!

Kids love treasure! During her pre-school days, she would come home so happy on the days that she found treasures in the sand. Often they were erasers or jewels that were planned as a fun activity or even left over from an event, which made them extra special! The thing with the treasure hunt is that it’s not always about the actual treasure, it’s more about the activity. It’s something to do. Exploration. The satisfaction of searching and finding. It’s fun!

Our (Winter) party had a Hawaiian Hula theme. To make the treasure hunt fun and meaningful, we created a list of 6 of the Islands and found a treasure to go with each one.

Hawaii - treasure hunt

Some of the kids could read the words, while others looked for the objects in the photos. As the guest arrived to the party, we gave them the treasure list and a bag. Our treasure boxes were hanging from the trees at the park.

The boxes themselves were easy to make! Check out our post on the Valentine boxes from a few weeks ago. This time, we used Girl Scout cookies boxes (the actual case boxes) and some rope from Lowes to secure the boxes to the trees. After the boxes were wrapped, we put the name of the Island along with a cute flip-flop.

You can create a treasure hunt and decorate the boxes to go with any theme! It’s fun to get creative and watch the kids have a great time hunting! One thing we did learn was to make sure to have some extra treasures on hand. For some of the kids, it was hard to just take one item out of the box, so those that arrived later missed out on some of the goodies….

1. Wrap boxes

Treasure Box 1
2. Cut a hole using a box cutter.

Treasure Box 2
3.Use packing tape to cover the hole.

Treasure Box 3
4. Cut the tape at an angle and tuck into inside of the box

Treasure Box 4
5. Use a pencil or sharp object to make a hole on the top for ribbon or twine.

Treasure Box 6
6. Put the ribbon through and pull out from the opening.

Treasure Box 7
7. Tie a knot

Treasure Box 8
8. Devote the boxes according to your party theme
9. Hang them up

Treasure Box 9
10. Fill with treasures and have fun!

Have fun and leave a comment with your treasure hunt ideas too! We’d love to hear from you.

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