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A favorite party prop – you can make too!

When you are visualizing your party or event, there are usually a few key areas that need to be extra special – those photo opportunities that need to be just right.

As we were planning for a recent party, we decided the cake table would be in the family’s dining room. We had a beautiful wall of family photos behind the table. Beautiful as they were, they were not the backdrop we wanted for the party (or the photos!). My vision was to create a backdrop to cover the family photos, but one that could be re-used. Most of my ideas start with some sort of vision like this, followed by a sketch. It’s my planning tool and method, perhaps engrained in my brain from design school and what I hope all my aspiring design students learn to do, graphically communicate!

thecraftshack - birthday banner sketch

So for about $22 worth of material: 3 yards of muslin, 2 packages of ric-rack (is that how you spell it?) and thread, I got to work. As far as sewing, it was an easy project. I folded the top of the fabric over about 1.5″ and made a straight stitch. My 5yo was eager and willing to help, so she was in charge of the foot pedal and I guided the fabric through the machine. This is my kind of sewing.

The only slightly tricking part to the whole thing is the way the ric-rack was applied. I sewed it with a cross-type stitch, about 3 stitches long, then left an equal sized gap. This took a bit of time and was tedious, but worth it. Now we can tie ribbon, fabric, banners, etc to the loops created by the ric-rack and get a different look each time we use the banner. Success!

the Craft Shack - Frozen birthday setup

We’ve used it a few times and love it! Can’t wait to photograph this weekend’s garden party with fun pops of pink, yellow, green and blue! What is your favorite party prop?

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