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It doesn’t take much to do something to help others; it all starts with a good idea! The idea came from Leslie Bradley to use the scrap fabric that was left over from the IIDA OC Fashion Show to make some nice tote bags for the kids at Olive Crest.  After hearing the story of a little girl in foster care arriving at her foster home with her belongings in a pillow case, it touched the heart strings of all who participated in making this happen.  Charlene Reed, an Interior Design instructor at Orange Coast College & IIDA member wanted to make this happen.  With the generosity of Christina Amaral, the Program Coordinator of the Fashion program who lent her sewing studio and the many student volunteers who came to cut, coordinate and sew, the result was 20 beautiful bags to donate to Olive Crest. The project started and continued very organically.  We decided to do it, a date was chosen, a pattern was created and we asked for volunteers.  Students, Professional Designers and Industry representatives showed up and everyone found something to do weather it was coordinating fabrics, cutting patterns, ironing or sewing.  The entire project took about 15 hours of production time over a 2 week period with a few hours for planning and the final delivery of the bags still to occur.   Everyone has given very positive feedback about the project.  One of the sewing instructors thought it might be a great idea to integrate into the curriculum for her class.  With the popularity of the Fashion Show spreading to various IIDA chapters, there will be a lot of leftover fabric out there – you too can re-purpose it and make a difference to a child in need.

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