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Crafting for a Cause

There is a subject that makes many people uncomfortable. It’s scary to think about and even more vividly frightening daily for the girls and women who are slave to human traffickers. There is also a lot of information, both correct and incorrect out there. An article published by the Daily Muse titled Human Trafficking: The Myths and the Realities is a 3 part series with a wealth of resources imbeded into the 3 articles.

In the past few years through various organizations, friends and influential people in my life I’ve seen the effort to bring awareness to the topic and make a conscious effort to do something…however small to show the girls and women who have been freed from this imprisoned life that there is real love, friends and with time, healing in their future.

My very talented friend, Tiana Star wrote a song about this very subject just a few years ago. I am My Own is soulful, deep and catchy enough that I find myself singing it often. My daughter LOVES it too and requested that she sing it at a recent performance. Please give it a listen and if it touches you like it does us, add it to your permanent collection or gift it to a friend. It is being featured in the LA film festival film Femme this month!

Another artist/blogger that I follow, Melody Ross has an amazing company called Brave Girls Club. Enjoy looking though her site, her store and her blog, and grab a cup of coffee because you might be there awhile. One of the generous things that she does is hosts an ongoing Brave Girls Truth Card Exchange. She provides an entire kit that you can use to create cards for gifts or to send back to Brave Girls club where they will be distributed to different groups of women who need to hear the words of encouragement and feel the love that went into making each one.

We absolutely loved this idea and built a party around it! A beach party in fact that happened just over a week ago. It was a perfect day. We set up camp at 6am to make sure we had our fire pit.


We set up our tent and craft space around 9am.


And from that point until the end of daylight, friends came and went.


They played, they crafted, they created. They LOVED the project and the purpose.


Girls from 4-70 participated and put their loving touch onto the cards. They were so happy to make them and donate them. And it was an amazing opportunity for all of us girls (and our guys too) to be together, talk, and enjoy a beach day. Ideas were shared, new friendships were formed and memories were made.


We ended up with over 30 beautiful hand-made and heart-felt truth cards. This week, we’ll get them sent out and be proud of the small contribution we made together.


If you want to learn more about how you can make a difference, below are links to some of the organizations that you can reach out to:

Full Circle Exchange


Polaris Project

And the great 3 part series by the Daily Muse that has a wealth of resources.



10 thoughts on “Crafting for a Cause

  1. This is such a powerful article. It means so much that you are making a difference. I’m really glad that you left some links to help support them. The clothing line, Freedom Culture, also supports destroying human trafficking. They have some really great T-shirts and money is donated to save them. God bless you in your efforts to make a difference.

    1. Thanks Heather for your kind words and for the tip on Freedom Culture. I’m expanding my list of resources with everyone’s comments, love it!

  2. First of all- thank yoU SO much for doing this for those amazing girls. This will make a big difference and I love this idea. I hope we can get together and do this again very soon! Music and Craft party for a cause! Thank you for featuring my music, but most of all for spreading the word. I love you and you are amazing!!!

    1. You are so welcome! I’m so excited for your song featured in the movie! And a music and craft event sounds amazing! Lets put it on our list and make it happen!

  3. This is awesome. I absolutely love Brave Girls Club. Another of my favorites is Girls with Sole. They provide motivation through running events for Girls who have faced challenges. All such great causes and I love being able to support them. <3

    1. I will definitely check out Girls with Sole. I love how many people and groups (especially of women) band together for great causes!

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