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Todays prompt focus on EMOTIONS, specifically “what brings you joy?” Emotions are something we all have. I’ve dealt with a full spectrum of emotions in my life and what a pleasure it will be to express gratitude for what brings me joy. I think a simple list ought to do the trick here….and a limit,… Read More Emotions

A little bit of Everything


Day 3 prompt is KINDNESS I desire to be kind to others and for my daughter to learn this at an early age. She’s doing well so far, a kind and caring soul. I love all the quotes that I constantly see on Pinterest, usually at just the moment when I need to see it.… Read More Kindness

A little bit of Everything


I found a prompt list of “21 Days of Gratitude” on Pinterest. Since I’ve been neglecting my personal blog for some time now, I thought this would be a nice way to get back into it and reflect on the important things in my life. Day 1 prompt is FRIENDSHIP I would not be where… Read More Friendship