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This week, I completed a beginning yoga class at a local community college. 3 days a week/8 weeks = 24 sessions. I missed 5 for a planned vacation and a work conference. The days I attended, I was there, wholly there. I needed it much more than I ever knew. I kept to myself somewhat… Read More Bright

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On March 20, we were fortunate to take part in the first celebration of Happy City LA! “Happy City LA is a volunteer run community organization and we are committed to make our city a better place by establishing a culture of happiness and well-being locally through diverse initiatives and focusing on the domains that… Read More HAPPY CITY LA

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A Magical Treasure Hunt

An important part of planning a party is ensuring that there are fun activities for the guests. With our younger crowd, the crafts are popular, but they need to be quick and interactive to hold their attention. For my daughter’s 6th birthday party that we hosted last weekend, we also integrated a treasure hunt! Kids… Read More A Magical Treasure Hunt